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After many months of hard work spring break allows you to take time out from hitting the books to take a breather and have some fun. It would be awesome if the trip could be totally spontaneous!

This could work but, if you really want it to be fun then it would be smart to spend some time ahead of time making some plans, after all you want to have fun, not blow all your money, and it’s important to be safe.

The first thing you need to figure out is where you’re going. You know you don’t want to be anywhere near campus and mom and dad’s probably isn’t your ideal vacation spot either. So, think about some possible destinations. Consider what activities you might like – sunbathing, skiing, shopping. What type of weather conditions would be ideal? Is it the sunny south, something tropical, or a snowy mountain?

Once you’ve determined a few destination possibilities research. Find out what you can about the location. Is this a popular tourist destination or is it off the beaten path? It’s important to know what to expect from the location because you don’t want to waste your spring break week feeling like you missed all the fun because you had the wrong idea about the place you went. Click on the tabs above to learn about some of the popular domestic destinations as well as international spring break favorites.

When you have determined where you are going and you know for sure who wants to come along start looking for the best deals on airfare rates and accommodations. The earlier you plan the trip the better the deals you are likely to find. Watch for special Spring Break deals from airlines as well as hotels and resorts. If you are going to a popular spring break destination and you wait too long to book a room you could find yourself sleeping in the car.

When packing for your trip keep things simple. Take only what you know you will wear. It would be great to take a variety of clothes and matching shoes along but suitcase space is limited and if you fly you’ll be paying more for additional bags so take only the essentials. Be sure to include sunscreen! If you are going out of the country don’t forget to include your passport and if you don’t already have a passport be sure to start that process early! Another essential to take along is extra money. More than likely your trip will cost a little more than you’re expecting it to so plan ahead and be prepared.

You’re spring break trip can be all you imagine it to be if you take a little time to do some research and planning. Once you’re there, the fun will begin! You will have a great time and memories that will last.